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Dr. Nowzaradan also popularly known as Dr. Now by his patients is an Iranian- American general surgeon in Houston, Texas.

In 1970, Dr. Nowzaradan received his medical degree from Tehran University and has been in practice for over 20 years.

He specializes in gastric sleeve surgeries, gastric bypass surgery, and lap band system and revision surgeries.

Dr. Nowzaradan also specializes in weight-loss surgeries. He is popularly known as a doctor from the TLC show “My 600 –LB Life”- a reality show that tracks the weight loss journey of morbidly obese people as they try to lose weight.

Apart from being a bariatric surgeon, Dr. Nowzaradan is also well- known for his effective weight-loss dietary regime that he prescribes for his patients.

Dr. Nowzaradan technique to lose weight includes following a strict 1,200 calorie diet plan. The plan primarily focuses on eating a balanced diet whilst reducing calorie intake. Following Dr. Nowzaradan strict nutrition plan can help one lose weight quickly.

This low –calorie diet plan is all about eating a low carb, low fat, high protein and high vitamin diet that can help provide your body with the required nutrients to keep you healthy.


What is Dr. Nowzaradan diet?

Dr. Now’s diet plan aims to help one lose weight by reducing calorie intake.

Although this diet plan can be followed by anyone, it is best suited for overweight or obese people who want to lose weight.

The primary concept of Dr. Now’s diet plan is to reduce calorie intake to about 1200 calories a day, without excluding any food groups, except sugar.

The diet encourages patients to reduce calorie intake and eat a healthy balanced diet. This helps them lose weight, the healthy way.

Dr. Nowzaradan diet Plan: Benefits

One of the major benefits of this diet plan is weight loss. When calorie is reduced, the body burns stored fat to keep functioning properly.

As a result, there is quick weight loss.

Dr. Nowzaradan diet Plan: Foods to Eat

Foods to eat for breakfast as recommended by this diet plan include oatmeal, egg whites, low- fat cottage cheese, turkey sausage, whole wheat bread, beans or plain Greek yogurt.

For lunch, you can have non — starchy vegetables, canned tuna, salads without dressing, deli meat or bake, broil, grill lean protein. Eating more than three ounces of meat is strictly prohibited.

Dinner can have similar food items as lunch. Snacks can include Greek yogurt (without sugar), turkey or ham roll-up.

The diet may sometimes be difficult to follow. However, those who have seen Dr. Now’s patients feel that it all worth it in the end.


Dr. Nowzaradan diet Plan: Foods to Avoid

While there is food to eat list on the diet plan, there are also foods that should be strictly avoided when following the diet plan. These include-

  • Sugar (Avoid artificial sweeteners)
  • Deserts (cookies, pie, brownies, pie, doughnuts, frozen yogurts or ice creams)
  • Fruits with high sugar content (mangoes, watermelon, pears, cherries, cantaloupe, bananas, figs or cherries)
  • Starchy vegetables (peas, beans)
  • Potatoes (whether mashed, fried, baked, chips, tots, etc)
  • Rice (both white and brown)
  • Bread (only whole grain- one ounce early in the day if possible)
  • Pasta (both white and brown)
  • Chocolates or candies
  • Shakes and Meal supplements
  • Jams and Jellies
  • Crackers
  • Dried or Candied fruits
  • Nuts
  • Popcorn
  • Cereals
  • Honey
  • Soda
  • Juice
  • Syrup
  • Sport beverages
  • Alcohol
  • Energy Beverages

Dr. Nowzaradan diet plan: Sample Menu

Though there no official sample menu of Dr. Nowzaradan diet plan available online, assumptions can be made based on our knowledge about his diet philosophy and from what the My 600-LB life patients have shared online about their custom diet plans. Take a look a sample menu of this low fat, high protein 1200 calorie diet plan listed below.


1 egg white plus 1 egg (do not fry) — 105 calories
2oz turkey sausage (microwaved or cooked in water) — 130 calories
0.5 low- fat cottage cheese — 90 calories
1 slice whole-wheat toast — 90 calories
Unlimited Black coffee, unsweetened tea, water

Total Meal calories: 405

2 cups spinach- 40 calories
1 cans tuna in water-200 calories
2 carrots — 60 calories
1tbsp light mayo — 50 calories
Unlimited unsweetened tea, water

Total meal calories: 350

2 cups steamed broccoli — 100 calories
3oz grilled chicken — 130 calories
1 oz low- fat cheddar cheese — 50 calories
Unlimited unsweetened tea, water

Total Meal Calories: 280

1 slice of low-fat Swiss cheese — 60 calories
2o turkey breast slices — 75 calories

Total Meal Calories 135

Total Daily: 1170

Dr. Nowzaradan diet plan: Things You need to know

An important factor to remember when following this diet is not to go below 1200 calories a day.

Going below the 12000 calorie level will not help your body receive nutrients to stay healthy. You must eat a balanced diet that includes all food groups.

Following the diet can make you feel hungry. However, care should be taken not to go below 1200 calories as it can endanger your health.

Dr. Now’s diet encourages you to adopt new habits and approach to food. This can be useful in helping you control portion size and calorie intake in the future.

Once you lose weight, you must continue eating a well-balanced diet to stay healthy and maintain an ideal weight.

It is important to note that this diet can make you feel hungry especially during the initial stages.

To curb hunger when following this diet, it is advisable that you eat snacks in between meals and increase your water intake.

Also, ensure that you reduce the intake of calories in a way that best suited to you.

For instance, if you one of those people who like to have a heavy breakfast, ensure that your lunch and dinner is light.

However, if you a person, who can skip breakfast, but feel hungry in the evenings, it is recommended that you have a light snack and save calories for dinner.


Dr. Nowzaradan 1200 Calorie Diet Plan and Noom: Comparison

When it comes to shedding those extra kilos, it is not about foods that should eat or avoid, but about how you can eat your favourite foods. This is what Noom is all about. Noom is learning to recognize and control emotions and behaviours related to food. When you learn more about the “why” behind your eating habits, it becomes easier to establish a more positive relationship with the food.

Calorie Budget calculator

When it comes to daily calorie intake, the Noom app calculates the calorie budget based on certain factors such as your gender, age, weight, activity level, goal weight, and weight loss speed. Based on your calorie intake and activity output, the calorie budget adjusts itself within the app. The minimum calorie budget for men is 1400 calories and for women, it is 1200 calories. Though the calorie limit may seem similar to that of Dr. Now’s diet plan, the difference is that we don’t have any plan.

No Foods to Avoid

Living life by eating approved foods and avoiding disapproved foods can be quite stressful. At Noom, there would be no foods that you will have to avoid. There would be no restrictions that would deprive you of eating your favourite foods. It will only help you find ways to incorporate your favourite food in your diet while losing weight and living life to the fullest.

Let’s give a second to this thought. I am not of the opinion that you can indulge freely with your favourite desserts and salty snacks. All I want to say is that you do not have to eliminate them from your life, not even when you are dieting. At Noom, you not only learn to enjoy your favourite foods more mindfully but also adopt new habits to help you understand about connecting behaviours and emotions with these foods. As a result, you learn how to channel emotions, make healthy swaps find different ways that can help you enjoy your desired foods even more than before.

Trustworthy Support

While diet plans such as Dr. Now have a coach guiding you through your weight loss journey, at Noom you are not only creating an enjoyable eating environment for yourself but are also going through the process all alone. The coaches at Noom come from diverse backgrounds such as psychology, nutrition and exercise science. All these experts work in the direction in helping you lead a happy and healthy life, whilst losing weight.

Losing weight has never been easy and requires a constant support system to stay on track. At Noom, we not only help you stay focused on your journey but also provide peer support in a group setting. When you engage with others going through the same journey, it helps you stay motivated and focused towards your goals. So whether you are trying to alter your food habits or trying to cope with the new challenges during your weight loss journey, this group of Noomers will become a second family to you. It helps you to not only celebrate each others success but also pick each other when they tend to feel discouraged during the process of achieving their weight loss goals.

Structured Guidance

Noom offers a support system with structured guidance. Weekly goals are set by the coach in which you are assisted in finding ways to adjust to your eating habits rather than being provided with a list of foods that you eat and avoid. The app features content on a day to day basis that not only helps you to stay focused but also educates you on topics like nutrition, hydration, sleep, and physical activity.

During your weight loss journey, there may be some weeks that feel tougher than the others. It is a natural process and is completely understandable. This is why we like to stay connected with you and help you stay encourages and focused as you have been on the first day of your weight loss journey. The group, the curriculum, and your coaches are always there to remind you of your weight loss goals and help you hold on to the determination of shedding those extra kilos so that you can lead and happy and healthy life.

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