The Shepherd’s Diet


The Shepherd’s Diet was developed by Kristina Wilds and consists of seven steps. According to Wilds, following the diet’s protocol can help you reduce weight, gain massive energy, and feel great about yourself. If you are considering Shepherd’s diet here is some information which will help you decide if it is right for you:


Spiritual Nature of the Diet

First, there’s something spiritual about the diet plan in question so it’s best to be aware of it on the get-go. It’s based on biblical principles to lead a healthy life. For example, The Shepherd’s Diet considers overeating as a sin. And from this premise, the rest of the diet procedure flows.

If you’re already a Christian, you’re highly likely to appreciate this twist in a modern diet. However, if you’re a non-believer, all this might take getting used to or need to become an acquired taste.

Jesus Christ as the Figurehead of a Diet Plan

According to biblical records, Jesus led a healthy life that involved a lot of exercises as well as sensible eating. His anatomy speaks for itself. Raised in a carpenter’s house and learning the trade as a little boy, simplicity, sensibility, and necessity characterized the Messiah’s eating habits.

No doubt, the man who would change history forever knew how it was to labor as a shepherd. In fact, Bible texts often refer to him as the good shepherd.

Influence of Moses

One of the great patriarchs of the Bible if not the greatest, Moses, fasted as a matter of habit. This enabled him to perceive spiritual matters and helped him stick to a healthy waistline as well. By intermittently fasting, the practice of eating can be further regulated and utilized as a force for good.

The psychological prescriptions in this diet plan make for an interesting and enlightening read. It reminds us of the many principles that we probably have known all the while but have failed to be a keeper of until now.

If Jesus were born into this day and age, what would he eat?

This question inevitably brings us to a diet plan that consists of spiritual, psychological as well as practical dieting habits.

Psychology and The Shepherd’s Diet

The Shepherd’s diet also focuses on the psychological aspect of feeling satisfied after eating. The hypothalamus gland is the center of attention in observing this principle. It records what we eat and misses out on the recording when we do the eating way too fast. Therefore, twenty or so minutes must be allowed to settle in prior to eating again.

At the same time, this psychological principle can help you eat less in the long run and stay in the program. Persistent hunger is often the big factor that makes participating in an eating regimen a huge make or break issue. By teaching the mouth to eat slowly and digestively, you’ll end up feeling less hungry as a result.

The Diet Plan

The author of The Shepherd’s Diet throws in the following basic ingredients of a dietary regimen with the potential of radically changing the world we live in, especially when we consider the widespread prevalence of obesity due to the fast-food mentality. So here, in summary are the basic food components of the plan:

  • Good cholesterol or high-density lipoproteins (HDL) and not low-density lipoproteins (LDL)
  • Vegetables
  • Total steroids and genetically modified organisms (GMO) abstinence
  • Free-range oriented chicken and eggs
  • Plant proteins
  • Natural grains

As you can clearly see the handwriting on the wall, you will need to be a home cooker in order to satisfy the requirements of the plan to a T. Sometimes, however, you may need to cut corners in order to adhere to the plan.

To illustrate, there may be questionable nutrients and contents in your groceries, but following majority of the rules can still help you experience the success of the Shepherd’s Diet. By going for drastically reduced or much lower levels of the food ingredients that the plan frowns upon, you may still be able to adhere to the practice rather than butting out of the plan totally.

A Strong Mediterranean Influence

Naturally, because of Greece’s prominent position among the so-called biblical lands, the diet plan can’t help but pick up on the healthy eating habits of the Mediterranean peoples. Also, according to the so-called Harvard Diet, the average Mediterranean diet involves healthy choices that redound not only to a healthy life but a long life as well.

To illustrate, consuming a good amount of olives and olive oil is a step in the right direction. At the same time, adhering to The Shepherd’s Diet doesn’t have to be restrictive budget-wise. After all, beans and lentils aren’t really that expensive.


Disadvantages of the Shepherd’s Diet

If you have never fasted in your life, adhering to the plan will definitely take some time to get used to. For best results, it would be wise to proceed with great caution. Of course, consulting your personal physician first is another step in the right direction.

After all, some people are more prone to dizzy spells than others. In following any diet plan, it’s important to consider how your body reacts to certain foods and practices based on your own personal experience as well as perception.

Benefits of the Shepherd’s Diet

This diet plan draws on the strengths of spirituality and in so doing, touches on the essential aspects of both the vegan and the vegetarian cultures. If you’re already into this kind of dietary influence, this can be one huge advantage. Of course, being a Christian is an added bonus as there’s no need to rewire your spiritual thinking.

This diet also appeals to people who are focused on the psychological benefits of dieting. It brings to the fore the importance of such things as psychological dieting or mind control in achieving one’s physical as well as health targets.

Conclusion – Is the Shepherd’s Diet Right for You?

If you can hack the spiritual and psychological layerings that come with The Shepherd’s Diet, you’re in. Otherwise, it might take some considerable mental and spiritual rewiring in order to proceed. For those who persevere, the benefits are great and can include:

  • Long life
  • Healthier Breathing
  • General feeling of health, satisfaction and well being
  • Short Term Weight Loss

There’s no harm in trying the plan when you observe correct standards such as medical consultation and proceeding with caution. A meditative lifestyle combined with sensible eating makes for a perfect combination.

In addition, this Bible-based diet carries with it a 60-day money back guarantee on Amazon. If you use it wisely and it fits your way of life, reducing the waistline and the modern stresses in your life cannot be far behind.

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