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Looking for a meal that can make you feel like Superman or Superwoman? Try this diet which can give you all the energy you need to keep you going like the Energizer bunny. There are many reasons why taking the this diet challenge works on many levels. For one, it is loaded with vitamins and minerals that are the envy of other diet plans.

It is designed to be an ongoing health plan to keep you strong, active and glowing. Let’s break down exactly what makes the bone broth diet so special.

Why the Bone Broth Diet Works

The biggest secret lies in its collagen content. Collagen is quite unlike any other food out there, especially when you look at the prevailing fast food mentality.

For the simple fact is, when you’re trying to extract nutrients from a bone, you’re highly likely to benefit immensely from a treasure trove of life-giving benefits. This is the basic premise behind bone broth. While it works on many levels, it is primarily the concentration of proteins, collagen, and gelatin that makes it a superfood.

Ingredients used in a typical beef bone broth soup.


We’ve all heard of collagen’s almost magical impact on skin care. However, many people are unaware that the elastic and almost transparent white element that keeps muscles intact is also a unique digestive aid. That’s why if you’re suffering from a leaky gut, collagen can come to the rescue. Fortunately, the this diet is replete with this miracle substance.

Amino Acids

Also unknown to many, collagen is rich in vital amino acids that help your muscles and skin work to perfection. The smoking gun in the bone broth that proves the existence of the substance is the thick cloud of white stuff that forms atop after you store the concoction in the fridge to cool. Nothing else works better at extracting collagen from the bones better the cooking methods in this diet.


An important lesson to be learned here is that you should never underestimate bones, the basic ingredient in making the bone broth diet. According to Dr. Hinz from Cool Springs Chiropractic, Bones are the powerhouse of nutrition primarily due to its strong bone marrow attributes. They can store important minerals for long periods, making the bone broth diet an efficient extractor of many highly nutritious goodies.

Slow Cooking

The secret recipe in the bone broth diet involves simmering ingredients for 15 hours or more in order to slowly but surely extract all the good stuff from the raw materials in the stew. Such highly efficient extraction procedure ensures that nothing goes to waste. By boiling or simmering instead of grinding or grounding the bone, the bone broth diet gets ahead of the game.

Some of the Benefits of Bone Broth

  • Effective weight loss therapy
  • Smooth, healthy skin
  • Better relaxation
  • Better Homeostasis
  • Natural inflammation suppressant and painkiller
  • More efficient digestive system
  • Increased vitality as well as mobility

Background to Bone Broth

The bone broth diet was pioneered by Dr. Kellyann Petrucci and runs for a three-week period. Its basic components are the Paleo diet principle, intermittent fasting and of course, the bone broth diet in between.

By combining the best of three proven dietary practices, more results can be harnessed from the bone broth diet. These results include a boost the immune system, put one’s metabolic functions into hyper speed, and improve the body’s ability to digest as well as absorb vital nutrients. The bone broth diet works so well in tandem with intermittent fasting because it supplies vital nutrients to the body while in the program. In effect, you’re allowing your body to heal itself when you embark on the bone broth diet.

Bone Broth with vegetables are a huge part of The Bone Broth Diet.

Instead of consuming harmful sugars, fats, and other processed substances, you’ll be replacing the intake with the basic elements of the bone broth diet that is not usually available from the modern human food consumption patterns. Essentially, you’re staying away from the frying pan and therefore out of reach from fattening substances that can cause obesity in the average modern food regimen.

Organic Principle

The organic principle is alive and well in the bone broth diet. By deriving precious, life-giving nutrients only from the bones of organically fed and free-range animals, much better health results can be attained or achieved. In addition, the best parts of the animals are used, especially those rich in collagen-building materials such as the neck, tissues, and extremities. So if the bones aren’t organically sourced, you won’t be following proper bone broth diet principles at all.

The Free Bone Broth Diet Plan

It’s actually easy to follow the bone broth diet plan. There’s definitely no rocket science about it. All you have to do is do Paleo for three weeks while supplementing with a healthy dose of bone broth diet at the rate of two days weekly. Snacking or eating desserts after meals are not allowed.

When feeling any craving for sweets or fats, the bone broth diet practitioner must substitute such cravings with a healthy dose of bone broth servings. It’s that simple.

Spice Up Your Life

You’ll be shortchanging yourself if you adopt the bare bones approach to preparing your daily bone broth diet. For the fact is, it’s easy to spice up the average bone broth diet with ingredients like turmeric, ginger or garlic. For best results, utilize blender power or even food processor ability to add zest to the broth. You’ll be surprised how well the bone broth diet blends with lattes and smoothies. Once you become an expert at preparing your own bone broth diet, you should be able to incorporate the world’s beloved broth into your favorite drink, hot or cold.

Make it Yourself

Although there are many restaurants or eateries that specialize in soups, the best bone broth diet is the one that you make yourself. No single restaurant or food outlet knows you better than yourself. You may have a singular taste as far as animal products and byproducts are concerned. By combining the ingredients that you love and incorporating them into the bone broth diet, you can stay ahead of the game.

That said, you don’t have to consult a specialist to concoct your own bone broth diet. All you need to do is follow the simple principles outlined above. Remember, snacking and eating desserts won’t do you any good when observing the bone broth diet. Like the yin and yang principle, the two habits are the very antithesis of the bone broth diet plan.

Delicious Beef Bone Broth Soup

Broth Diet FAQs

How long you stay feeling satiated when you observe the bone broth diet?

The simple answer is that when your body senses more proteins, minerals, and vitamins coming in, you’ll feel more satisfied with the meal consumption. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to put some extras in the practice of the bone broth diet such as an instant bone broth diet sold online. The fact is, sometimes, you just don’t have the time to prepare your very own bone broth diet.

How do I find out more about the diet?

The best place is the official website of Bone Broth Diet author Dr. Kellyann: Here you will find a host of resources including books, recipes and a quick start guide here:

How long is does it last?

The diet is designed to give you a healthier lifestyle of eating. As a result, the focus is on longevity rather than a temporary eating program. Having said that, there is a 21 day Bone Broth Diet kickstart which will help you shift your habits to a new and improved way of living and eating.

Does Country Recipe Book You Have Any Related Recipes?

While we don’t yet have any bone broth recipes yet, we do have a number of beef recipes which could be adapted to incorporate bone broth. For example, some water and bones could be added to our slow cooker steak fajitas recipe.

Will You Loose Weight?

This is an extreme diet. When you make extreme changes to the food you eat, you are likely to see changes in your weight.


In our research we found mixed reviews from people who tried Bone Broth Diet. Some loved it and saw results fairly quickly. Others struggled with loss of energy and lethargy in general.

Make no mistake, this diet will require a great deal of focus and effort. Your cravings for sweet things is likely to be tested as you try to swap out for savory food. But like anything in life that’s hard, the results to tend to be great.

Overall people seemed who tried it seemed to get a lot out of this diet and saw positive results.


Our consumerist society has led to poor eating. Fast, high carb foods with little nutritional value is common. The Bone Broth Diet is an answer to this concerning trend. If you are feeling sluggish, struggling to lose weight, and just generally unhealthy, this diet could give you the physical and mental boost you need. We encourage you to take action and discover how this way of eating could activate a new healthier lifestyle.
As an alternate, you can also try the Dr. Now Diet, a weight-loss dietary regime.

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