Southern Chicken Salad Recipe

Chicken salad

How to Make the Best Southern Chicken Salad Recipe?

What is so special about the southern chicken salad? This is a common question among people who hear about southern chicken for the first time. Well, let me tell you this. A southern chicken salad is the most refreshing meal on a hot summer day. It consists of apples, almonds, celery, and of course, chicken. This salad is so tasty, I sometimes consider it as my staple food.

What Goes Well with Chicken Salad?

If coleslaw is to barbecue, then a southern chicken salad is to sandwiches. I’ve lost count of how many times I used southern chicken salad in my sandwiches because they taste heavenly. In fact, you can scoop a spoonful of this salad and have it with crackers.

Poached Chicken

What Is The Best Chicken To Use For Chicken Salad?

You have two options here: either use a poached chicken or a roasted chicken. I sometimes use a rotisserie chicken too. They come ready out of the box, making it easier for me to prepare the salad. But if you want to prepare everything from scratch, then use poached or roasted chicken.

Is This Chicken Salad Recipe Freezable?

Unfortunately, you can’t freeze this salad. The mayonnaise and sour cream don’t go well when you put the salad in the freezer. You can, however, freeze the leftover chicken and use it to make a second helping of this salad later. Make sure you keep the chicken in an airtight plastic bag to prevent moisture from entering.

Chicken salad

How to Serve this Southern Chicken Salad Recipe?

The Southern Chicken Salad Recipe is the perfect go-to dish whenever you want to have a light lunch or just want a quick snack with some crackers. Here are a few ideas for serving southern chicken salad:

• Put it in French bread, white sandwich bread, or rolls.
• Make a southern chicken salad wrap by putting some lettuce, tomato, and two spoonfuls of the salad in a tortilla.
• Make chicken salad croissants or chicken salad biscuits for a quick snack.
• Take some crackers and put a scoop of salad on each one of them.
• Put it right in the middle of a fruit bowl surrounded by fruits.

chicken salad croissants

What Ingredients are in a Southern Chicken Salad?

A Southern Chicken Salad Recipe is easy to make because it doesn’t contain too many ingredients. Here are some of the things you need:

• Mayonnaise
• Chopped cooked chicken (roasted or boiled according to your preference)
• Seedless grapes. I used red grapes sliced into two.
• Chopped celery
• Pecans. If you are allergic to pecans, you can use almonds instead.
• Chopped onion. You can use any onion you want. I prefer red onion for its rich color.
• Hard-boiled eggs. This is optional. I use it occasionally. But if you want to follow a traditional recipe, then you should add eggs.
• Pickles. You may or not add dill pickles. It’s up to you. I add a hint of pickle just to make the salad slightly sour.

I am confident that you will love the recipe, especially if you add all the ingredients above. Try it and surprise your friends and family with an awesome treat.

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Chicken salad