Ground Chicken


Ground chicken is ground meat that can include both dark and white parts of the bird. Some ground chicken might also contain chicken skin. This meat can be purchased from a store, or you can grind your own.

How healthy is ground chicken?

Ground chicken usually has less fat than ground beef. It is a good source of protein and easy to prepare. A serving of ground chicken is about three ounces and is lower in cholesterol than regular ground beef.

Is ground chicken easy to digest?

Chicken is easy to digest, as it contains no fiber, although it is best to avoid chicken that has been cooked in oil, as this can upset the stomach. Since chicken is a terrific source of protein, it helps the body heal. Those with digestive issues will find that chicken can contribute to health while decreasing the chances of irritation.

Ground Chicken kebab with potatoes and salad

How to make ground chicken?

It is relatively easy to make ground chicken in the comfort of your own home. You can use a meat grinder, a food processor, or just a sharp chef’s knife. The leanest meat on the chicken is the breast. You can grind only the breast or include pieces of dark meat for added fat and flavor.
Begin by cutting the chicken into small chunks and then freezing on a baking sheet that has is lined with parchment. Only freeze for about twenty minutes. Once this is complete, then grind with a grinder or pulse in a processor until it is ground up but not so fine that it becomes a paste. Alternatively, use a sharp knife to chop the chunks finely until it is the proper consistency. For some recipes, you might want chunkier chicken.

What can you make with ground chicken?

There are numerous ways to prepare ground chicken. The easiest way is to substitute ground chicken for ground beef in your favorite recipes. A few things you can make with ground chicken include:

Any of these recipes will make a fine addition to any menu and are tasty and nutritious.

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