Chocolate Fruits


These aren’t the prettiest morsels to photograph, but they are delish. Yum, yum, yum! Decadent and rich, these Chocolate Fruits are an adult dessert, delicious as a Christmas treat or special birthday gift. I made them up for my mother-in-law to enjoy with a beautiful travel mug and her favourite tea.

These Chocolate Fruits are easy to make, but do require a bit of time to soak. It also may not be easy to track down the glace pineapple and apricots; I couldn’t find them in the usual supermarket stores. Thankfully I was trying out this recipe near Christmas, so a specialty store in Australia (The Pantry Man) was stocking a range of glace fruits for people to use in their Christmas baking.


Once I had tracked down the fruits I needed to chop them and place them in a bowl with the rum to soak overnight. The rest of the recipe was straight forward:
Simply melt the chocolate and shortening, mix through the soaked glace fruits and spoon the mixture into paper containers.

After enjoying licking out your mixing bowl and spoon, refrigerate your chocolate fruits to set. In no time these Chocolate Fruits are ready for your decadent enjoyment. Perhaps enjoyed with some extra Rum?? Or maybe a good cup of tea. Enjoy!

Chocolate Fruits
  • 4oz. (115gms) Glace pineapple
  • 2oz. (55gms) Glace cherries
  • 2oz. (55gms) Glace apricots
  • 2 tablespoons Rum
  • 8oz. (225gms) Dark chocolate
  • 2oz. (55gms) White vegetable shortening (Copha)
  1. Chop place fruits int ½ in. (1.5cm) pieces, put in bowl with rum; cover, stand overnight.
  2. Melt chopped chocolate and shortening over hot water, add place fruits, mix lightly to coat.
  3. Place teaspoonfuls into small paper containers.
  4. Refrigerate.


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